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If your Email doesn't do the job nothing else matters.
For a Cold Email Marketing Campaign, you need a Dedicated Server and a Dedicated Email IP Address. Both are required to isolate your Email Traffic from other marketers using a Shared IP Address.

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Premium Pro Features Are Standard

You Own Dedicated Server

Isolate your Email Traffic from other marketers for improved deliverability and sender reputation

Your Own IP Address

Better deliverability and no worries about OTHER people’s emails blacklisting

Proven Subject Lines

Proprietary artificial intelligence gives you subject lines that people WANT to open

Built-In Spam Checker

Detects the trigger keywords and keyphrases contained in your email before sending

List-Building Forms

Customizable forms integrate into any website or page builder to increase your subscriber list

Email Campaign Analysis

Opens, clicks, conversions, unsubs, complaints, fails, bounces… everything you need to know

List Cleaning

We run your list against a third-party service for known spam traps or bad contacts and remove them from your Email Campaigns 

Personalize Your Emails

Customize your Emails for better open rates, clicks, and conversions. With SendEagle, you can personalize each Email by contact name, company name, title, and more

Bounce Handling

SendEagle will automatically stop attempting to send Emails that cannot be delivered

Email Validation

Emails are validated for syntax errors and duplicates before importing into a campaign

Reputation Monitoring

Your success for Outbound Email depends on your Domain and IP Reputation. That's why we help you monitor your reputation and ensure you're not being blacklisted

Smart Autoresponder

Easily automate email sequences, preschedule sending on multiple days and track engagement with your campaigns. Smart manage contacts by monitoring email opens and link clicks

Email API

Integrate your application with our Email API. We support POST requests and JSON responses

Easy Automated Split Testing

Easy A/B Subject split testing you can use to discover good open percentages. That way,  you can send the winning subject line to the bulk of your list

Skyrocket Your Clients with This New
"AI Email Creator”

Sent Thousands of Cold Emails
With SendEagle

Cold Emailing is a way to start a conversation in the online world.

It’s a message you send to a person who most likely knows nothing, or very little, about your Local Marketing Agency.

In order to send those Cold Emails, you need your own Dedicated Email Server!

For Best Emailing results, your Email Server needs its own IP Address. It needs its own Email Server Domain. It needs to Automatically set up all the technical stuff for you like SPF and Domain Alignment.

In addition, you need in-depth Statistics about sending amounts, bounces, and Spam complaints. And you need an Emailing System that cleans Email Addresses before they get sent in order to achieve lower bounce rates, protection of your IP Address, and a better reputation…  

And you need an Emailing System that automatically utilizes a proven Warm UpCycle so that ISPs like Gmail and Yahoo don’t treat your Email like Spam… Yes, SendEagle will automatically regulate the number of Emails sent for each campaign over several days… Until your IP is warmed up properly.

SendEagle Pro Version 2

Open Rates Better Than Any Email Platform You’ve Seen

No matter what marketing service you offer
sendEagle will get your message out there.

SendEagle is optimized for Cold Email Prospecting

No more Cold Calling

No more speaking to prospects

Works even if you're not good at sales

But Best of All...SendEagle is super easy to use!  

Effortlessly Boost
Your Cold Emailing Results

Take Your Cold Emailing To The Next Level

SendEagle includes easy-to-use Email Templates, Unlimited Emails every month, in-depth open, click, bounce, and spam statistics.
​​​​​​​In addition, SendEagle also offers you some very important benefits that you DON’T get from others.

Better Deliverability by Owning Your Own IP Address

Not a day goes by where people aren’t complaining about delivery problems or hassles with the
“Big Boy” Emailing Providers. Maybe you’ve had that problem.

It’s usually because those big services attach a whole bunch of Email Accounts to
a Shared Email Server and Single IP Address. 

“Big Boy” Emailing Providers Don't Like Cold Emails.

With SendEagle, YOU get access to your own Dedicated Email Server. That’s right. An Email Server just for you.
You will not get locked out as you do with the “Big Boy” Emailing Providers.

You will have access to your own Email Server without all the tech headaches and huge expenses.

SendEagle helps you build relationships with cold prospects and turn contacts into Warm Leads and Clients with simple email automation.

Easy Automated Split Testing

Many Internet Marketers talk a big game, but they don’t actually DO split testing. Why?
Because most Emailing Providers make it confusing and clunky. 

I wanted to create an Emailing Application that would allow me to provide split testing for my members
that was both easy and resulted in good open percentages. 

After many years of development and testing, the SendEagle Cold Emailing System was born.

SendEagle makes cold emailing and split testing easy and intuitive.

Best Subject Line Generator

SendEagle will provide you with the best Subject Lines that your Cold Leads will WANT to open, based on previous results.

No guessing which Subject Lines will be opened. You will get proven Subject Lines from previous campaigns to model from. 

Upload Your List

Upload your Email Leads via a CSV file. Email addresses get automatically verified for minimum bounce rates.

Maximize your open & reply rate by making every email stand out with build-in personalization. Add variations with A/B Testing and dynamic text to improve deliverability and open rates. 

Spam filters are getting smarter each year. Our solution monitors and maintains the health of your inbox with our advanced proprietary auto-warmer technology, so your emails have a greater chance of landing in your recipient’s inbox. 

SendEagle helps Digital Agencies scale results and turn cold contacts into deals. 

You Don’t Have To Believe Our Word For It.
Just Read Raving Reviews From SendEagle Users

AWeber and GetResponse Let You Pay $150/mo
For Emailing 25,000 Contacts

Better Than Any Email Platform You’ve Seen

​​​​​​​ Your Own Dedicated Email Server

UNLIMITED Mass Emailing

AI Email Creator ( New )

Smart Autoresponder

Your Own Email Server

Your Own IP Address

Instant Proven Subject Lines

List-Building Forms

Easy Automated Split Testing

Built-In Spam Checker

Email Campaign Analysis

Custom Email Templates

Automatic Bounce Handling

Build UNLIMITED Optin Forms

Import UNLIMITED Email Leads


Create UNLIMITED Email Marketing Campaigns

Create UNLIMITED Follow-Up Sequences

Create UNLIMITED One-Time Broadcast Campaigns

View In-depth Stats For ALL Your Email Campaigns

Zapier Integration

0 - 25,000 Contacts No Extra Cost

Contacts above 25,000 are only about $0.01

Unlimited Emails

You can’t grow a successful Digital Agency
without using an Email Service.

$1 First Month Deal,
Then $49.99/Mo


$19.99 SendEagle Account
$25.00 Dedicated Email Server
$5.00 Dedicated IP Address

What You Really Want To Know...

  • I bought a list of 1,000,000 business owners from an online source. Can I Email to them?

    No. You cannot. Even though you have a Dedicated IP Address, we cannot risk having spammers on our system. We reserve the right to close the account of anyone we detect spamming.

  • Another Email Provider told me my open rate is too low. Do you have a minimum?

    No. We don’t have a minimum set in stone. SendEagle will provide you with the best Subject Lines that your Cold Leads will WANT to open, based on previous results. And our easy-to-use Split Testing can help you increase your open rate through more productive Subject Lines. We know that not every Email will hit it out of the park, so if you are not getting at least a 5% open rate, contact support, and we’ll see how we can help you get more opens.

  • Do you use SendEagle yourself?

    Yes, we have used SendEagle for 3 years, and we send about 500,000 emails per month. Our open rate is between 10 and 50%. We will show you how we accomplish this during your Bonus Training. 


    Yup, we're so confident in how powerful and how much value having a SendEagle Dedicated Server is, we are willing to put our money where our mouth is. That's why we're doing a DOUBLE your money-back guarantee. Just show us that you put SendEagle into action in your business and if it didn't make you a positive ROI on your investment TODAY, we will - WITHOUT HESITATION - Give you DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK!

  • I have 10,000 people on my own list. Can I mail it to all of them today?

    No. There’s a strategy to make a new account produce the best open rates and results. That strategy is called “warming up,” which means starting small and sending an increasing number of emails each day. In your first Email, you’ll be able to send few Emails. This number will double with each Email sent until you have reached your full list size.

  • What happens if my IP Address gets Blacklisted?

    The only thing that would cause your IP Address to get Blacklisted is your own actions. Spamming and sending poorly written or deceptive emails are just two examples of what can cause IP Blacklisting. If your IP gets Blacklisted, we will consider replacing it on a case-by-case basis. We have to protect our business and we ask that you act responsibly in return.

  • Don't Have An Email List Yet?

    We've Got You Covered... Did you know that over 72% of Digital Agencies don't have a mailing list? Can you imagine how much money is being left on the table? Well, if you are in that boat, you can request a list of 5,000 Business Leads for your favorite Niche! 

  • Does Email Marketing Still Work?

    Yes. You already know this. Heck, you probably landed on this page because of an Email someone sent you. Everyone still uses Email. BIG marketers, small marketers, BIG brands, small brands, local businesses, international businesses, e-commerce stores, Shopify sellers, Amazon, e-Bay, Walmart, BestBuy, EVERYONE.

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